Cool Science Kits for Kids

If you are looking for fun and educational science kits for your young scientist The Kids Toy Store has plenty of cool kits to choose from.
These science kits are more than just educational toys for kids, they are fun science projects that can be done over and over again by your children and their friends.
Some of the science kits include circuit labs, crystals, magnets, solar power, and my kids favorite dinosaur models.
Of course this toy store has more childrens educational toys other than science kits. They feature toys from the top brands such as Jump Start, KidCraft, Baby Einstein, and so much more.


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Science With Me Blog Has Moved

Science With Me has moved our kids science blog to our website Science For Kids. Please update your blogrolls and visit us for more great kids science experiments, science worksheets for kids and other fun educational science materials!
We will occasionally post here about cool science stuff and educational toys for kids.

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What’s inside the earth?


Well –that’s what the L’s asked me last weekend so I decided to ask them right back. Loghlen answered ‘gravity’ which I thought was pretty cool. Lukie said it’s very very hot in there and Leah said ‘apple’.  Apple! –what a great idea to help us talk more about our planet. So:

1. Mommy, Lukie and Leah cut an apple in half.


2. Then Loghlen measured the diameter of the apple. It was 2.5 inches.  This is just like the equator –an imaginary line running through the center of the earth equidistant from the North Pole and the South Pole. It divides the Earth into a top half and a bottom half known as the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.


3. Then we all colored the core of the apple. Just like the apple our earth has a core too. In fact the earth has an outer core and an inner core. Look at the great coloring job we did.


4. Next we measured the apple’s flesh –the distance from the outer core to the skin of the apple. This is just like the earth’s mantle.

5. Finally we measured the skin of the apple as accurately was we could (it was about one tenth of an inch). This is just like the earth’s crust.

When we finished the 3 L’s all colored the Science With Me! What’s inside the Earth? coloring sheet. You can find it here if you’d like to have your kids do it:

See Loghlen’s above. He did a nice job–especially those lovely blue oceans.


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What’s inside my tooth?

It finally happened –the day before yesterday on July 31 st at age 7 and a quarter–Loghlen lost his first tooth.

There was great excitement and of course lots of questions. Is the tooth dead or alive? What’s a tooth made of anyway? And not to mention–how much is a tooth valued by the tooth fairy these days?
Seizing the moment for science I whipped out our sciencewithme What’s inside my tooth? coloring sheet and Loghlen, Luke and Leah all colored it and we had a chat about it.
Older kids can do the Color and Label one. Both worksheets can be found here:

p.s. Here’s the one Luke age 5 did. It’s very nice I think.


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‘Just another ordinary miracle today…..’

OK just came back from Charlotte’s Web with the 3 L’s. They loved it. As did Mom and Dad. Another super super job by Disney.  Of course there was great conversation/questions after the movie, and we got to thinking and talking about science (again). Well actually I didn’t start it. Charlotte did.
“I’m nocturnal” she told Wilbur. “That means I work at night”. What other animals are nocturnal (animals that are more active during the night) I asked the 3 L’s?  A dog, a swan maybe not….
How about these guys?
An owl –we know they say “Hoo hoo” in the night and when Luke stays up late we call him ‘a night owl’, so an owl  must be nocturnal.
A fox for sure. We have one in our neighborhood that comes in the middle of the night to rummage through the trash.
A bat –yes– but how can they see in the dark? (They must be blind because Mom often says Dad’s as blind as a bat). Well.. Bats send out sound waves that bounce off nearby objects so they can tell where and how far away the object is. Cool! We call this skill echolocation.
A butterfly–no perhaps not. We’ve seen lots of them during the day. But how about a moth? Yes, they come out more during the night so they  must be nocturnal.
A hedgehog comes out at night so they must be nocturnal.
How about that animal that used to make the worst smell at night when we lived in Princeton? The skunk. Yes another nocturnal creature.
That cute cuddly creature that climbs trees and lives in Australia. The Koala. Yep. Nocturnal.
A mouse? Yes many mice are noctural. Well done. Now Mom’s made us a coloring sheet so we can colour the nocturnal animals we listed.
Oh one last thing…Are we nocturnal? Hmmm. Maybe Dad is. But not the rest of us. What’s the opposite of  nocturnal? Well scientists call  that diurnal.

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Is this the largest squid ever caught? 900 lbs. Wow! I’ll have to ask the 3 L’s to see what they think.


From Dominion Post…MONSTROUS CATCH: A colossal squid, weighing about 450kg,was caught by a longliner in Antarctica. It was barely alive when it reached the surface.


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Learn about the bones in your body

Here’s how I teach my kids about the bones in their body. Then they color the Skeleton Worksheet (front and back) and I point out the names of the bones to them.  It’s fun!

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